Being so fond of the great history of the automobile, Denis Johnson developed the idea to write the story about Jules de Beauregard from the beginning of the automobile as a fiction film both for the cinema and television broadcasting, since this story was not covered by any earlier film. Thus was born Jules de Beauregard, reporter of " Le Petit Journal ", the French publication which organized  the first race of cars in  the world in July, 1894.



The director of the French publication,  " Le Petit Journal ", Pierre Giffard, organizes July 22nd, 1894, first world meeting of the owners of cars and vehicles of all kinds having as well engines with oil, steam, or working on electricity.

Jules de Beauregard, working on  "Le Petit Journal  " is going to be appointed as being the official reporter to follow this event. The success will be immediate as well for the automobile which is going to stand out as one of the major inventions of the end of the 19th and of the 20th century but also for Jules de Beauregard among which the papers on this invention published in numerous countries, will be considered as references in worlds of the cars manufacturers and the motor racing.


From the first years, only two countries will be the proud of lance of this rising car industry also having the fever of the motor racing, France and Germany. Other countries would like to participate in this evolution which is going to shake very soon the whole world but for many they are in the grip of labor and economic disputes, and for the others of riots or civil wars.

So in the chances of the international conflicts, forms businessmen's coalition of various origins without scruples and ready for everything to monopolize somehow or other of plans, parts, steal even cars of the firm which will become famous in all the domains among which in particular those of the motor racing. 

He adds their agent Mister Gunther to take up a team to get back all that he can to allow them to build themselves the unbeatable car and to flood the whole world with it.

For it they are going to follow in the track the reporter Jules de Beauregard become over time the incontested specialist of all the data concerning the automobile and having its entries all over the world. Without knowing it, his reports published in " Le Petit Journal " are going to confirm to Mister Gunther and his team that the aimed target is Daimler of his creators Daimler and Maybach. It is the real manhunt which is set up on several countries in the stoneware of the motor racing between Jules de Beauregard, Gottlieb Daimler and Mister Gunther.


Nevertheless and during this time  Jules de Beauregard, already engaged to Agnès the secretary of his boss Pierre Giffard, is going to fall in love with Mercedes, girl of Sir Consul Jellinek, business man and distributor of products Daimler in certain countries except France.

Being built exclusively the first cars Daimler for his friends and heads crowned in holiday resort on the french Riviéra, Emile Jellinek is going to incur the wrath of the firm holder of the license Daimler for France Panhard-Levassor. He is going to create so a very annoying imbroglio between Panhard-Levassor and Gottlieb Daimler.


The outcome of this arm-wrestling will be made that leaves the way of a change of name for the creations of Gottlieb Daimler, obliging him to take the name of his customer’s daughter Mister Jellinek: Mercedes.

A new chance of a lifetime for Mister Gunther who always in the affut to seize one of the very first cars Daimler, also put himself in the head to kidnap Miss Mercedes. But Jules de Beauregard is not very far and his adventures are only beginning …


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