Fanatic about motor racing and attending his first Grand Prix of Formula 1 in 1969 in Monaco, Denis Johnson joined the TV FOCA in 1981 of which he became one of the men who were able to sell the images of Formula 1 which they shot, to the television and the video market, creating and producing new programmes.


Therefore Denis Johnson produced the TV-Serie : 100 Years of Motor Racing -

'' A century in Motion ''

Motor racing is a hundred years old. No sport has seen such dramatic change because, while man's courage has remained constant, the machines have been subject to 100 years of the most intensive development that fine engineering, research and technology could achieve.

More passion and enthusiasm has been invested in the development of the racing car than any other machine. 

From the earliest days, when races took place on public roads, demanding great reserves of strength and stamina from their drivers, to the first track races at Brooklands, England, to the first international Grand-Prix race in 1948, through the golden age of Fangio in the fifties and into the huge commercial development of the last 30 years, all the legendary machines, all the great names are here.

We see again drivers like Caracciola, Nuvolari and Fangio. We hear the evocative roar of engines from the great marques - Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Mercedes and many more - names that have taken their unduring status from motor racing.

This is the greatest story in sport, brought to life, authoritative and powerful, heartbreaking and human, told in more detail than ever before. Denis Johnson's passion takes you back into that exciting century.


In parallel to these activities, Denis Johnson acquired a certain expertise in the production of movies and documentaries about automobiles, further to the numerous shootings that he realized worldwide as well on the World Rally Championship as well as in the field of endurance races, Grand Prix and Historic Rally.

Visiting a large number of automobile Museums worldwide with his cameras, Denis Johnson made himself an outstanding name as a photographer of numerous classic cars. Over the years, he established a library of extraordinary footages and stockshots about motor racing as well as about vintage cars having taken part in the Great Automobile History. He was able to allocate  the origins of cars which participated in various races, to their current storage and exhibition in museums or otherwise .He was able to do this  also thanks to his numerous connections with the FIA  (Federation of the Car-racing), the Association of the Former Grand-Prix Drivers  and with numerous automobile museums worldwide. 

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