The substantial sports archive library also contains a vast new selection of material totalling over 4.000 hours of sports stock shots and short films. Enhancing the existing range or the most popular televised sports ever, the new collection features images of the world's most dynamic and exciting sports and is ideal not only for fillers and special features, but for sports programmes in their own right.

Wintersport, Watersport, Amazing and Incredible Sports  all feature strongly, and alongside is an outline of the variety of sports material compiled in the collection.

The archive contains top action which has shaped the history of the sport. Over 100 different locations, 130 different sports and events, and more than 250 individual interviews are covered from funboard to surfing, paragliding, mountain bike to rally, Formula One, motocross, offshore powerboat and many more.

Life, sports, action, and nature, all filmed to the very highest production standarts.

Stefan EvertsKelly SlaterAyrton SennaLaird HamiltonMartin FreinademetzFormer F1 DriversMarku AlenAndrea SpitzerFred BolleyJuha KankkunenEdgard GrospironPatrice MartinJean AlesiJean-Claude KillyGerhard BergerPeter BauerRobby NaishMarku Alen & Timo SalonenTom CurrenErik Thieme & Bjorn DunkerbeckSergio FerreroJean VuarnetJack BrabhamJerry KirbyPetra MussigTerje HaakonsenJordi TarresManu BertinBruno SabyWolfgang EhrartJackie StewartEric LoizeauJean NervaRush RandleKenneth ErikssonBjorn DunkerbeckBruno CamozziLorenzo BortolottiYves CordierAshild LofthusJack O'NeillDennis ConnerJenna De RosnayShektar MehtaNicole AngerathThierry MichaudJohn B.KilroyMiKa HäkkinenBritt DunkerbeckStig BlomqvistLoick PeyronPaula Newby-FraserJean-Phi GarciaDavid ThorpeHenri Pescarolo & Jean-Pierre BeltoiseCesare CantagalliMarc PajotNicole AngerathJacky IckxEric AubijouxVittorio MorettiTom CarrollEmerson Fittipaldi & Jochen MassMicky BiasionJean MaurelAndre MaszewskiJacques LafitteJean-Pierre JabouilleAlain ProstRaphael SallesTimo SalonenAri VatanenEmerson FittipaldiJean TodtBjorn WaldegaardFiorioSalonen & KankkunenHenri Toivonen
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