Denis Johnson

Denis Johnson developed a fascination for pictorial recording! For over 30 years, Denis Johnson has shot film footages of over 500 sports events around the world, motor racing and cars, but also the young and new generation of sports.

As author and producer of several TV Series like World of Champions, Sportsation, Spills & Thrills and 100 Years of Motor Racing, in his writing and film footage, Denis Johnson brings a human touch to the history of the sports he has captured on films. He has brought great champions into the spotlight, but also anonymous protagonists, both male and female, without whom, the best sides of the sports would never have seen the day.

Ibiza 1991

Denis Johnson began his director's career in 1981 in various domains. He was fascinated by the technique and he wanted to seize as many aspects of the automobile industry and in particular of the field of motor racing as possible. So he acquired  expertise in in covering as many events as possible both in sound and in image by handling film and still cameras during more than three decades, but also realization, dubbing and subtitling of movies.

Upon request by severals large TV networks, during numerous years he was corresponding NEWS for agencies such as WTN and Visnews and his productions were distributed by firms so symbolic as TWI of the Group IMG of Mac Cormack, ISL Marketing and naturally by BBC Worldwide


Lanzarote Island

In the thirty years Johnson and his camera teams have been active they have adopted a documentary, or feature-type approach to the way they have covered their sports. They have looked to concentrate on the contestants and the sports themselves rather than just cover events. And apart from the competition, they have set up special shots to add to their coverage -- vintage racing cars being on trial on original circuits, snowboarding champions practising with new equipment, sports equipment manufacturers producing their products, motor racing champions of the past talking about their hey-day....and so on.

Denis Johnson’s imaginative and innovative style has become his international trademark.



Jarama 2008

Being a man of production, Denis Johnson was also TV production manager of numerous Sports associations and Federations such as PBA (Funboard) - ASP (Surfing) - ISF (Snowboard) and - Production manager of the Motocross and Supercross Championship for FIM.

His remarkable talent for capturing on film the pure spirit and energy of sports has led his career to span some thirty years and five continents, producing sports programming for TWI, IMG, TF1, BBC, NBC, Eurosport, Screensport, Visnews, Reuters, WTN and many more.

Goodwood 1997

Being so fond of the great history of the automobile, Denis Johnson developed the idea to write the story about Jules de Beauregard from the beginning of the automobile as a fiction film both for the cinema and television broadcasting, since this story was not covered by any earlier film. Thus was born Jules de Beauregard, reporter of " Le Petit Journal ", the French publication which organized  the first race of cars in  the world in July, 1894.

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